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  • Community Media Trust: giving a voice to people living with HIV

        Community Media Trust (CMT) is a not for profit company registered in terms of Section 21 of the Companies Act and the Non-Profit Organisations Act. CMT has produced HIV/AIDS public health education material since […]

  • Mensaje del día mundial del SIDA 2013

    “Responsabilidad compartida: Fortalecimiento de los resultados para una generación sin SIDA.”

  • HIV/AIDS: Young people at highest risk of HIV infection

      That young people are particularly vulnerable to HIV and AIDS is well established, but a new report reveals for the first time new data on HIV prevalence in this […]

  • Young people lead HIV prevention revolution: AU

      YOUNG people are leading the prevention revolution by increasingly acting to protect themselves from HIV said the African Union (AU) during the pre-summit African Youth Forum that was held at the AU Headquarters […]

  • HIV/AIDS: Treatment as prevention – the tough road ahead

      The sixth International AIDS Society Conference on HIV Pathogenesis, Treatment and Prevention started optimistically as the hype surrounding the use of antiretroviral treatment to prevent HIV infection gained momentum. But the […]

  • Preventing HIV with social media and mobile phones

      With more than 7 000 people newly infected with HIV everyday and 1 000 of these new infections occurring in South Africa, Stellenbosch University just outside Cape Town, was the ideal setting […]

  • Thailand: Ambitious HIV/AIDS Mission Launched

      In line with UNAIDS guidelines, Thailand’s Public Health Ministry is boosting its efforts to combat HIV/AIDS. Toward the goal of zero new infections, the ministry is targeting at-risk groups, including housewives, sex workers, […]