Uganda: Male circumcision gains popularity


MEDICAL  is gaining strength as a preventive measure against HIV/AIDS transmission.

The findings was contained in a report on communication challenges in , multiple concurrent partners and medical male circumcision by Panos Eastern Africa.

Male circumcision has gained popularity in Rakai district, with 500 men circumcised every month under the Rakai health sciences programme.

According to statistics at Kakuuto health centre, an average of 20 males are circumcised every month compared to five in the past.

Circumcised men have also supported the idea of performing medical male circumcision on their male children, the report highlights.
Trials in the district showed 53% reduction in , 51% in Kenya and 60% reduction in .

The head of the family health department at the population secretariat, Dr. Betty Kyadondo, said medical male circumcision is only partially protective and urged people to use other effective measures to protect against HIV.

The report done in Rakai and Kampala districts by Panos Eastern Africa has showed that women are not protected against HIV if they have  with circumcised men.

The report also showed that medical male circumcision does not replace other prevention measures like delaying the onset of sexual relations, avoidance of penetration, reduction in the number of  and consistent use of male or female .

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